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Year In Review: Top 5 Artistes In Kintampo Who Performed Well in 2020

Year In Review: Top 5 Artistes In Kintampo Who Performed Well in 2020
Written by Opanin Emmalex
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Kintampo is not just known for it’s tourist sites but also one of the top towns in Bono East blessed with great musicians. Most of the guys in the town are gradually making it and needs little push to get to the top. One major factor causing the Brong Ahafo Region from growing well in terms of Showbiz is the low interest in Entertainment. It is the wish of the up and coming stars that attention is given to the few guys before their love for the show go cold.

As a follower of music in Kintampo, the Centre of Ghana, I have gathered a few guys who did very well through out the year. But before that, let me give you a list of activities which happened within the year.

  • Abbi Ima and Kubede left Falcon Music. Follow this link to read here
  • Lhord Verses wins Kintampo Sound Clash. Read here
  • Vessel Frank switches name to Obisi. Read here
  • Obisi and Abbi Ima wins in Brong Ahafo Music Awards. Read here
  • Bastian Gh leaves Maiga Records. Read here
  • Wallistic Fills Riches Pub with an EP Launch
  • Maiga Records signs Kwadwo Defender

First, there are a great of guys up there in Kintampo doing great music. I cannot list them all. Some of these guys, Aborsky, Shady Lanez, Lyrikal Koofy, Saintroy Jnr, Linchin, Braah Thompson, Link Gh, Kwadwo Defender, Bhizyness to mention but few needs our support to move to the top. Now, let’s go ahead and check out these guys who did marvelously well in 2020. This ranking is based on the following:

  • Awards nominated and won
  • Number of music streams
  • How much your music is doing
  • Shows played
  • Fan base support

Now, with these criteria, let’s go ahead and list our top artiste for the year, 2020. The list might be different from yours and there is a room for criticism. Thanks for reading.

5. Obisi

Obisi, formerly Vessel Frank was just awarded this year, 2020 for been active in the Highlife genre. He took the Highlife artiste of the year. When it comes to shows, Obisi is absent. For 5 weeks, his new single, “Hustlers Prayer” has topped the Adars Entertainment Music Chart of the week. Obisi also dropped another tune “Allahkubalo” same year and had much publicity. For his massive work, Obisi takes the 5th position. Obisi is a fine musician and needs to out there. People hardly knows him and that’s what worries his brand. Apart from this, his music is on top level and can do better.

4. Khofi Images

When it comes to rap music, Khofi Images is one of the guys you can hardly ignore. From hits upon hits in the region, Khofi Images emerged as an overall winner in a radio rap competition on Pure Fm based in Kumasi. This year, Khofi Images have dropped countless singles and his latest “Y3hoy3” and “Efa wo ho b3n” has got massive plays on Audiomack. Some believes Khofi Images is the future of rap music in the region.

Like I discussed before, money is one of the issues disturbing the growth of the industry in the region. You would need money to produce new songs and take quality music videos. Khofi Images is one of the guys who needs help. He needs to be up there. However, lack of help has slowed his influence in the region.



3. Abbi Ima

Discovered by Falcon Music, songstress Abbi Ima was almost broken down after she was dragged around after leaving the label. She quit Gospel music and started with the hiplife music and Afro music. From African Girl to Zanziba then an International feature, Lucky Boy, Haters and her latest “Bronya”, Abbi Ima has been on top since. Abbi Ima and Obisi were the only awarded artistes from Kintampo in the Brong Ahafo’s version of the VGMA. She won the popular song with her “Zanziba” tune. Abbi Ima is currently in different award schemes hoping to win it too.

The only problem from the Abbi Ima team has got to be the low quality music videos taken. Her African Girl and Zanziba music video carried a lot of creativity, however lack of funds made the content very poor. Apart from this flaw, Abbi Ima is the currently the only top female artiste from the region and seems to be only artiste gaining attention in the only regions in Ghana. We hope she goes far.


2. Lhord Verses

The leader of the RMG Gang is now the rap King in the municipality after winning the Sound Clash version in Kintampo. It was a competition between Khofi Images who is also another top music artiste. At the end, Lhord Verses won it. Surprisely, Lhord Verses seems to be the second artiste with the most recorded songs in 2020. From video shots to singles and finally an EP, Lhord Verses is simply on top of the world.

Before the launch of his EP, Lhord Verses put to sale his album. Surprisely, the amount gained from the sale proved that He has the second most loyal fans in the municipal. Lhord Verses also dropped an EP and launched it this year which was attended by many.



Before, moving to the top artiste for the year 2020, I want to use this opportunity to congratulate Kubede (one of the finest rising artiste in Kintampo). Kubede is setting a mark in Afro Music in the region. Songs released this year (Ayo, Aisha, Dedede) are on a different level. We want to encourage Kubede to do more.


For years, Wallistic has proved over and over that, He alone remains the King of music in Kintampo. Wallistic is a Dancehall artiste and has one of the largest fan base in the town. From one song to the other and an EP launch with the largest attendance, the Dancehall artiste has also dropped most songs in a single year. Wallistic has the most hard core fans who would do anything to support their King.

In the year 2020, Wallistic tops as the most hard working artiste in Kintampo. We hope to see more of him outside the municipal which will help expand his fame across the town.


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