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Why The Bono and Ahafo Artiste Is Only Known In His “Village”

Why The Bono and Ahafo Artiste Is Only Known In His "Village"
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Music, they say is the food to the soul. Music has a lot of definitions. In some places, people clap their hands. Some make some pleasant sounds from instruments. Whatever form it will take, music is always enjoyed when it is well produced.

In Ghana, just like I stated earlier in some of my publications, music did not just start from a particular place. This is because; songs are always made even during funeral grounds, at work and during happy times in the days of old.

Music Production in Ghana has undergone a lot of modification. Today, it is easier to get a song done. What you need even without real talent is money and that is it. I must say that good songs come from hard work.

My concentration today is on music in the Bono and Ahafo Region in Ghana. This particular region is a hub of quality music production. There are several artistes doing well: the late Ebony, Guru, Joyce Blessings to mention but few.

For years now, the entertainment industry in the region has experienced a series of stunted growth. This particular piece is to address such problems: the reason why it happens and the way forward.

First, little support for the entertainment industry because of lack of interest.  There are great guys who really want to showcase their talent but receive little or no help at all. Event organizers finds it a little difficult putting up shows. This particular low interest is evident during shows. Over here,  programs dubbed at 8pm will have to start around 12am and mostly attended by little children and few adults.

Also, artistes do not invest in their crafts. Elsewhere, money is spent to produce songs and money spent on both promotion and video shoot. However in Bono and Ahafo Region, only few artistes will do this. They will rather spend their money and beg others to for help. They hardly invest  in their crafts.

Further, favoritism.  There is no place under this earth where this isn’t practice. Even in our homes, our parents sometimes does this. When we look at the other regions in Ghana, artistes who work harder are pushed. They are offered interviews and put on shows. But when you arrive in Bono and Ahafo, it is a different story. Even after paying that radio DJ, He still does not play your song. That blogger will not help because you are not in his camp. People will say your song is a waste and wouldn’t go far.

More importantly, there is no unity in the entertainment industry in Bono and Ahafo. There are little skeletons rotting away. From the MUSIGA board in the region to the artiste, there is problem everywhere. They fight and hate to see the other rise.

Surprisingly, there are competent event organizers in the region. Instead of selling the artiste to other places, they will rather make money from them. They use them up and even refuse to give them a pesewa to help push them through. Artiste will have to wait several hours under the mercies of the cold night, perform and go back home on empty stomach. They always say: “but your song is not known outside your town so how can we help”.

There are several reasons and these are the top ones. However, if we can work on them, most of our stars will rise above Ghana and go far.


Source: Opanin Emmalex

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