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Top 10 Kintampo Artistes With Large Fan Base 2019

Written by Opanin Emmalex

Kintampo is popularly known for it’s tourist sites such as Kintampo Waterfalls, the Kintampo Fulla Falls and others. Kintampo is located in the middle of Ghana and geographically part of the Bono East Region.

When it comes to entertainment, Kintampo is one of epitome of real music. I want to take this opportunity to list some of the vibrant artistes from Kintampo. There are about hundreds of artistes from this town. I want to use this period to also express my deepest condolences to the family of the late music star Mustapha Mohammed.

Now, let’s go ahead and list some of the artistes in Kintampo with large fan base. This particular research is based on my own analysis on various shows played by the artistes. You might have your own and I do accept it because we all have diverse views.

10. Yesco:


Yesco, the CEO of Yaa Yaa Music was in the past a very popular artiste with hits. Over years, Yesco seems to switch from music to management. At the moment, He has recruited a new artiste Qwedjoe Little who is also into rap music. Yesco falls on the 10th position when it comes to fan base.

9. Aborsky:

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Aborsky is one of the top artiste in Kintampo whose stage craft is often associated with strong stage performance. He is popularly nicknamed “Abayaba”. Aborsky also pulls fans but not that huge.

His current tune “Hustle” is making waves.

8. Vessel Frank:

Download Music from Vessel Frank - Odo beba (Prod DichNtwene)

Vessel Frank is currently one of the most branded artiste in Kintampo. Vessel Frank has lot’s of hit tracks which has also featured top artistes. He also holds the record of having viral songs like Bankyefuo and Otan in the town. However, when it comes to fan base, Vessel Frank has a lot to do. He is not mostly known, only his songs.

7. Kubede:

Download DJ Mix: Emmalex X Khofi Bhad - Bhaddest Mixtape

Kubede was formerly known as Khofi Bhad. Kubede has several hit tracks especially his Rap King song which went viral. When it comes to fan base, Kubede is known to pull crowds mostly from the younger guys who are very fond of him. He falls on the 7th position.

6. Lhord Verses:

Lhord Verses

Lhord Verses is a young rapper in Kintampo. He is known for that English hardcore rap styles. He is well known in Kintampo and has a huge fan base. Most people in Kintampo love raps and so He is striving very well.

5. Khofi Images:

Khofi Images

Khofi Images is gradually taking over when it comes to rap music. Years ago, He was the most popular artiste but went idle after the fame. However, He came back stronger and now has a lot of tunes. He recently won a rapping competition in Kumasi with several top artistes.

Khofi Images has several tunes which has gone viral in town. His Maka a maka tune took people by surprise and still been used on radio for political and social issues.

4. Bastian Gh:

Bastian Gh

The “Aduro Bia Nka Dam” hitmaker is also one of the most branded artiste in town. He is signed under Maiga Records and known for making “crazy love” tunes. Bastian Gh has huge tunes and pulls crowds during shows.

Bastian Gh despite his popularly failed to qualify for Brong Ahafo Music Awards 2019 (I will be speaking on this issue soon).

3. Bonny Fresh:

Bonny Fresh

Bonny Fresh is also known as ‘Kintampo Michael Jackson’ because of his crazy stage crafts. His moves on stage usually pulls crowds to catch an eye on how he does it. Bonny Fresh seems to be good in motor riding too.

He has tunes and a popularly one is Gagingo which went viral and won the popular song in the Kintampo Music Awards.

2. Osokoo:


Osokoo is a radio DJ and Presenter cum musician. Long ago in Kintampo, he was known to have started this music with some other friends. Today, Osokoo stands tall amongst his friends. He has several tracks like “Ohene Kese”, We no dey see you sef”. Osokoo also pulls huge fans during shows.

1. Wallistic:


Wallistic is not just a name in Kintampo but also a huge brand. He is well known even outside Kintampo. As a Dancehall artiste, Wallistic is well branded.

He has several songs with some featuring Iwan and an artiste from Italy. Wallistic has several songs and most have gone viral.


Note: Just as I stated earlier, my opinion is not the final decision. But, this list was based on data gathered during shows.


Source: Opanin Emmalex


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