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Top 10 Bono and Ahafo Rising Artistes With Largest Fan Base

Written by Opanin Emmalex

Music, they say is the food to the soul. Most people find their comfort in songs when depressed. Music development in Ghana did not actually begin from one a particular place. There was a time, Kumasi took over then later Tema, then Accra took over.

In Ghana, there is no doubt that Shatta Wale has a wide range of listeners than any artiste. Over the years, Shatta Wale has been able to gather people from every sphere of life.

For sometime now, most musicians and producers in Accra in one way or the other have migrated from the Bono and Ahafo Region. The region is known for top artistes like the late Ebony, Guru and others. Producers are uncountable. But one famous producer from this region is Kin Dee.

Am taking this opportunity to list just top fast and rising artistes in the Brong Ahafo Region. Now, let’s go ahead:

10. Aborsky:

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Aborsky is one of the artiste in this region with outstanding stage performance. Most of his songs will keep you on your feet. Great singing and very talented young guy. He has great songs with one featuring Ekiki Me star, Wisa Greid. His current tune “Hustle” is making waves and you need to check it out by downloading from thisĀ  blog. Despite his great craft, Aborsky falls on the 10th position when it comes to fan base.

9. Nsemonee Katapila:

Nsemonee Katapila

Nsemonee Katapila is a hot rapper from Sunyani. He has also featured top artistes like Cabum on his songs. With his hard core raps, He falls on the 9th position when it comes to fan base in Bono and Ahafo.

8. Mr Pounds:

Mr Pounds

The current Brong Ahafo Music Awards 2018 best rapper of the year is this dude. He has one of the crazy rap styles.He recently dropped a tune he calls “Respect the King” to warn the other rappers not to try him. This year, Mr Pounds is contesting for the same award again. Despite his influence, Mr Pounds lies on the 8th position when it comes to fan base.

7. Vessel Frank:

It's a shame we don't support our own artists in Ghana - Vessel Frank


Vessel Frank also known as the Unlimited takes our 7th position. Vessel has a lot of hit tracks. His track Otan took over the whole of Bono before He came in with Bankyefuo. Currently, Vessel is trending with another song he calls Allakobalo. He has songs with top artistes and an artiste from Nigeria.

Vessel does Highlife and He does it better.

6. Qwesi Qorang:

Qwesi Qorang

Qwesi Qorang is a Sunyani based rapper who is one of the top nuts. When it comes to rap music, He is ever ready to battle. One of his songs which talks about the problems in Ghana is currently going viral. He takes our 6th position.


5. Wallistic:


When it comes to Dancehall music, Wallistic is one of the top stars from Kintampo in Bono East Region. He is known to pull huge crowds during his shows. Wallistic has a lot of songs with top tunes with artistes such as Iwan and another female artiste from Italy. Just like Shatta Wale, Wallistic seems to drop tunes upon tunes with most trending like wildfire.

With his hard core Dancehall music, Wallistic seems to be very popular in Kintampo and Techiman only. He therefore takes the 5th position.

4. Mega Bush:

Mega Bush

Techiman based artiste Mega Bush falls on the 4th position. He is known for his hot music style. You will need to be in good shape in order to dance with his songs. He has such great stage performance. Mega Bush seems to be the only artiste from the region to perform on the same stage with Stonebwoy and Sarkodie at the S Concert in Accra.

He has also featured a lot of stars. Mega Bush is well known in Bono East and Ahafo Region. He takes the 4th position in our rankings.

3. 1Kolo:


This dude seems to be Bono and Ahafo Mugeez because of that special voice. Most of his songs will easily cool you down. 1Kolo is one of the popular dudes around.

2. K’Swagg:


K’swagg is one of the top rappers from the region and has great features. He is on top form. K’Swagg recently dropped an EP. He has lots of top artistes on his songs and well branded. This is a huge plus for him.

1. Imrana:


This dude is one of the luckiest guys at the moment. Just like Atom, Imrana just dropped a song and it is an instant hit. His song went far and crossed the boundaries of Ghana. His Imagine Say tune has sent him to a lot of places. He is currently one of the biggest star at the moment from Bono and Ahafo.

You might have your own list. I don’t see this as the ultimate. There are a lot of great stars from this region. The only thing keeping them down is lack of support for themselves.

Every artiste sees his other as an amateur. They don’t like spending money on their craft and this is one of the biggest reason why most are not moving up.


Source: Opanin Emmalex



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