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Tee Cee Goes “Kolo”

Sensational artist, Tee Cee is in again with another banger. Previously, He dropped Things You Dey Do Me with some friends some months ago. His type of music creativity is rare because he speaks directly to the hearts his listeners.

Just as he did sometime ago, “The Love Doctor” is in again with a new tune he titles “Kolo“. “Kolo” is a Ghanaian turn which explains how a man behaves once he meets the lady of his choice. A man who goes “Kolo” sometimes is referred to as a fool. Simply, a man who goes “Kolo” will do anything the love of his life tells him to do.

In his upcoming song, Tee Cee wants to preach how he has gone “Kolo” as a result of the love he has for this lady. The song is a banger and a “must have”.
Fortunately, the song drops  this friday and expect it online.

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