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Music News: Yo Kenzy To “Blow” Listeners With Debut Song

Music News: Yo Kenzy To "Blow" Listeners With Debut Song
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Hiphop is not just a genre but a course well studied by a lot of “listeners” all over the world. Hiphop lovers have that ears for great tunes and that is the exact thing new artiste Yo Kenzy is bringing on board.

After months of preparation, Yo Kenzy is set to drop his debut song he calls Blow. Blow is not just associated with fights but a term which explains when there is a positive change in the life of a person to the better.

“We will surely make it one day. Our lives will be better and we will afford that car and that dream house”.

Yo Kenzy explains in his “Blow” song that, the young man or woman will surely make it. He will also eat good food and get a better place to lay his head.

Blow is not just a tune but real music which will motivate you to do the better. The hiphop tune is accompanied with fantastic rap styles and well created instrumentals.

Just watch out this 5th August and blow your ears away. Music Production by Apex Jusen.


Source: Opanin Emmalex

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