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BAMA 2019: Is J Black Deciding For The Board? How Was Nomination Done?

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Brong Ahafo Music Awards started last year after several setbacks. This particular award scheme has helped to push the entertainment agenda in the Bono and Ahafo regions to another level. Though a lot of artistes failed to join last year, the award ceremony was successful.

As usual, the Brong Ahafo Music Awards is in this year and a lot of guys who could not join when it started are in to win something. However, a lot of artistes interviewed have shown displeasure on how things were done.

I never filed a nomination but I saw my work on those picked. Am very surprised.

One major concern was how some artistes and movie directors who never submitted their works got nominated. They were wondering why a portal was created to take their works and even though they never did but were picked.

However, in an interview with the main organizer of the Brong Ahafo Music Awards J Black, the revelation was that the board also have the right to nominate anyone who deserved to be picked even if they fail to submit their details.

The Board also pick people who qualifies. We do not just leave everything to the artistes. We can also nominate you when your work proof your worth.

In this case, why were some artistes like Nsemone Katapilla and Bastian Gh disqualified? What happened? Did others work better than them? Who disqualified them and for what reasons.

For Bastian Gh, the Board decided not to pick him because he was not worthy. The Board decided it and it is not because I no longer work with his manager.

What work did Bastian Gh do last year that won him a nomination and an award last year? Surprisingly, Bastian has gone ahead to release several hits and a video and still failed. Is something going on?

No. I don’t speak for the board. If they see you fit for a nomination, they do it.

Nsemone Katapilla however was disqualified on the grounds for “dissin” the BAMA board. According to J Black, you cannot insult someone and expect to work with them.

Yes. He filed for nomination but was disqualified  for insulting the board.

Now, are you an artiste from Bono and Ahafo? Did you file for a nomination? How was your experience? Share with us.


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